Festival Calendar 2011/12




January - April
Sauti za Busara
The Sauti za Busara festival is the most important music festival of East-Africa and held every year on Zanzibar. In the scenery of an Old Portuguese Fort is a rich variety of African music being performed by artists from the Swahili region. A rich mix of styles is showcased, including ngoma, taarab and the Swahili hiphop: Bongo Flava. Performances and workshops in theatre, comedy and dance as well. More information: Sauti za Busara.
May - August  

Zanzibar International Film Festival (7-15 July 2012)
The international Film festival on Zanzibar is east Africa’s largest film festival bringing new talents from all over the world. In a unique setting of the Old Portuguese fort the movies are performed with a focus on productions with an African background. Workshops, exhibitions and cultural tours as well being organized. More information: ZIFF

Ibo Island Festival
Tradition and culture is the heart of Ibo Island. In June the small Island comes alive to celebrate Kueto Siriwala (to not forget your roots)’. The festival includes dancing, music, poetry and activities like a race in traditional sailing boat (dhow). Midnight 25 June a fire will be lit to celebrate Mozambique’s Independence Day. The Island fact makes it small scale and familiar. Location: Ibo Island, Mozambique.
September - December  
Bagamoyo Festival of Arts and Culture
In October the city of Bagamoyo becomes the cultural capital of Tanzania. The Bagamoyo festival of arts and culture offer a wide variety of arts which attracts people from all over the world. Enjoy the art of traditional dancing and singing, sculpture making and painting combined with African music. Bagamoyo is located 70 km north of Dar es Salaam.
Lake of Stars
A unique setting on the shores of Lake Malawi is the landscape for the Lake of Stars festival. Three days of music, arts and cultural events making Lake of Stars an experience never to forget. The festival started in 2004 can be seen as most remarkable of Malawi at the moment. Location: Lake Malawi.





Festival Calendar

A festival is a major event and being present will be a unique experience. It is an excellent opportunity to meet local people and learn about their way of living, music and culture. We are offering you local-, as well as international, festivals to be visited in Mozambique, Tanzania and Malawi. More pictures available on our Facebook fan page!.